For over a decade Shalvata has been one of the city's top beach bars. Located at the thriving Tel Aviv Port, Shalvata offers a variety of possibilities for everyone; scrumptious breakfasts, a sunset cocktail, a romantic evening or a late night burger and beer at the bar.

The bar-restaurant's unique atmosphere opposite the sea, the breathtaking sunsets and the central location make Shalvata the hottest place in town.


Shalvata boasts a covered deck, three attractive bars, and a variety of seating arrangements, a modern sound system and projection screens.

The bar-restaurant is child-friendly, wheelchair accessible and has adjacent parking.

You'll always find the best DJ's here, good music, a lively and exhilarating atmosphere and a diverse, appetizing menu.


Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 5pm - the last customer,
Fri. & Sat. 9am - the last customer

Tel. for reservations: 03-5441279

Tel. for private / business events: 054-8122223 Adi
28 Hangar, Tel Aviv Port

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